Do journalists as a whole really have the right and the freedom to write about any subject that they choose or are there exceptions?

Well, some would argue that journalists as a whole do not have the right or the freedom to write about any subject under the sun, and they will use the slayings of certain journalists to justify their position which posits that certain subjects are taboo and cannot be written about because they may lead to the death of the journalist if they raise the ire of the wrong people.

However, as a journalist I will write an article on any subject that I choose and will not allow myself to be intimidated by an unseen force that’s purportedly behind the deaths of a number of journalists who failed to realize the danger that surrounded the particular subject that they were writing about.

I will not subscribe to the notion that certain subjects are taboo and therefore shouldn’t be written about because who decides what should or shouldn’t be covered by the press? Journalists are simply here to write the kinds of stories that matter to the general public and we needn’t concern ourselves with those that want to prevent the truth from coming out.

We should simply write the story and allow nature to run its course because in the end all we have is our legacy.

Our readers are depending on us to be brave enough to write the stories that matter and we have a duty and an obligation to do so or we have no business calling ourselves journalists and have missed the entire point behind wanting to cover the news while bringing the public the kind of stories that need to be told, and even if those stories involve government corruption that includes local and state agencies.

We have a calling as well as a duty to the general public to bring forth the kinds of stories that will enrich their lives and we must not fail to complete our tasks as journalists no matter what the consequences might be.

We must remember that tiny little voice that was first present in us as children and that compelled us to become journalists and to bring forth the kinds of stories that need to be told, and we cannot allow the fear of what might happen to determine what stories we should cover, and if we do, then we must immediately resign as journalists because we have failed to do our duty and have succumb to the will of others.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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