I purposely didn’t read any of the reviews that were written about After Earth because I didn’t want to be influenced by the writer’s likes and dislikes and natural biases that are often directed at make believe tales or at science fiction thrillers.

And I made the right decision by ignoring what others had already written about the movie because it made my movie going experience all the more enjoyable and After Earth turned out to be a real treat that was viewed without any preconceived notions, and I can’t say enough about the performances of Will Smith who plays Cypher and his talented son Jaden Smith who plays a teenager named Kitai Raige.

These magnificent actors really made the story come to life, and the camera work was absolutely superb.

M. Night Shyamalan who co-wrote After Earth with Gary Whitta, which was based on an original story idea that was conceived by Will Smith, was the perfect director for this fine science fiction film because he made Mr. Smith’s original idea into a wonderful masterpiece that fans won’t soon forget because After Earth is one of those rare movies that comes along out of nowhere and that you just have to own a copy of, so you can watch it over and over again.

We don’t often see high profile coming of age movies that have an extraterrestrial underpinning and that are written and filmed strictly from a science fiction perspective, however, we certainly need to see more of them and especially the kind that depict strong male characters that stand for something and that are of African ancestry be those characters African Americans or otherwise.

The scenes in After Earth were shot to perfection and they were perfect for the kind of story that was being told, and the picturesque view that I saw while watching After Earth, will cause children and adults alike to dream, and some of the children that will begin to dream of space will become our future astronauts since everything essentially starts with a dream.

The aerial pursuit did it for me as well as what transpired between the pursuer and the pursued after the pursuit had ended. This was great acting and directing and storytelling as well as superb camera work, and no one can leave the theater without being affected by the moments that are shared between the pursuer and the pursued. Children and adults that haven’t been beaten down by the pressures of life will say, “WOW! I haven’t experienced anything like this before.”

I highly recommend After Earth for individual movie goers as well as for families, and it can also be a great date movie and especially if your date is looking for something of substance and for something that reveals the beauty of nature and the undying human spirit, and that doesn’t involve police corruption or inner city violence or buildings exploding or airliner hijackings, which are also good movies, but that aren’t suitable for everyone since people are as varied as the colors on a rainbow.

After Earth was reviewed on Monday 06/03/2013 at Regency Theatres in Westminster, CA.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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