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Anyone that has had the opportunity to either watch the Presidential Inauguration on NBC like I did, or to view it on an IPAD, or to be present for the swearing in, has undoubtedly asked him or herself, did we just complete the dream of Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.?

The question can easily be answered with a resounding yes since both of these great men looked forward to an all-inclusive America, which was captured in the diverse faces that attended the 2013 Presidential Inauguration some 150 years after President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, and 50 years after the march on Washington which was instrumental in getting us to where we are today.

Senator Charles Schumer said it best when he uttered the following words that accurately describe our country’s resolve and can do attitude. “Americans have always been and still are a practical, optimistic, and problem solving people.”  These few words describe how we went from being a nation of cruel plantation owners to a nation of proud Americans that freely celebrate Martin Luther King Day as a unified nation of men and women, and as a nation that’s moving forward despite its past transgressions.

It is fitting that the inauguration took place on the very same day that we are celebrating Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday because it proves once and for all that we can celebrate those that have contributed to our overall success as a unified nation while also cherishing those that are leading us forward.

President Barack Hussein Obama will lead us into the future and he will not allow those that want to claim 1776 for themselves and for their misguided purposes to divide us as a nation, and I believe that this is why he took the time to clearly define for us what 1776 really symbolizes because as he correctly stated 1776 gave us a republic.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

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Bullying In The Workplace

One of the most overlooked aspects of the bullying paradigm is workplace bullying, which often leads to workplace violence.

More often than not, workplace violence can be traced back to the kind of bullying that often takes place inside the workplace, which is an environment that’s supposed to be free from harassment and discrimination. However, many of the current and former employees that I’ve interviewed, and who are both male and female, speak of either being bullied at work or of witnessing others being bullied at work.

The bullies are collectively described as being members of management as well as girls that have formed certain office cliques inside the workplace after getting to know one another on a personal level. The bullying that takes place inside the workplace consists of claiming certain tables in the lunch room for members of the office clique and chasing off others that don’t belong to the tight-knit group that has declared the workplace as their domain. Property theft is also associated with workplace bullying since it’s a tool that is often used to get others to join the organization since the victim or victims obviously need protection from the members of the office clique that severely outnumber them.

One incident in particular had to do with a stolen lunch. The victim entered the lunch room only to find her lunch being eaten by one of the bullies and when she approached the table to ask why her lunch had been stolen by one of the members of the office clique, she was viciously assaulted by three of the members that had previously carved out their territory inside the lunch room. The victim was also threatened with further violence if she said anything to supervision, which caused her to eventually quit the job since she was terrified of being seriously injured due to the sheer number of girls that were members of the office clique.

Another frightening workplace bullying incident that took place at an entirely different location had to do with a group of younger females harassing an older worker who happened to be taking prescription medication. After being unfairly pushed and shoved inside the women’s restroom due to her age, the elderly victim made the mistake of leaving her unguarded purse on one of the tables inside the lunch room while she went to warm up her food in one of the company provided microwaves.

And seeing that the purse was left unguarded, the bullies who knew that the older worker needed to take her diabetes medication as well as her high blood pressure pills took the medication out of her purse prior to pouring the contents into the toilet bowl and just before flushing all of the pills down the drain, and they also threw the purse into the trash can which was later found by a maintenance worker that was performing the routine duties of his job when he discovered the purse inside the trash can.

The elderly worker missed several days of work since she couldn’t perform the duties of her job without her much needed medication.

This sort of thing apparently takes place more often than anyone is willing to admit since most people want to think of bullying as just being a problem that exists among children.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA —

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