In today’s economic climate, and trying times, seniors are having to reinvent themselves in the sense that many of them are having to take on the role of parent all over again since their adult children have had to move back home due to a lack of suitable employment.  The reinvention has to do with cutting back on certain things that they’ve come to enjoy during their, “Golden Years.”

One such senior is a man that we’ll call John Doe since he doesn’t want to use his real name or his age.

John is a senior citizen that had enjoyed taking his wife out for steak dinners at least twice a week, and he would also take her ballroom dancing on the weekends, however, since their adult daughter returned home with a hefty car payment, and with multiple credit card bills that far exceed her unemployment wages, and with their grandson that’s under the age of six, the nights of bingo and dancing and carrying on conversations until well after 11:00pm have come to a screeching halt.

John and his wife are now forced to cut back on the things that they enjoy the most since they are now budgeting for four instead of for two, which means that their fixed income is suddenly less and less effective in today’s economy.

The steak dinners have been cut back to once every two to three weeks and the ballroom dancing only takes place once a month when they had enjoyed getting together with their friends every weekend. In addition, the grocery list has also experienced a change since John is now shopping for bargains for himself since he wouldn’t dream of having his wife give up her favorites like Entenmann’s donuts and cakes.

Based on their pronounced need for bargain based foods, John finds himself shopping at Walmart more than ever before since he can purchase value priced cans of sardines as well as Pure Protein value pack protein bars that deliver 20g of protein for around six dollars. Vienna Sausages can also be purchased for 43 cents a can, and according to John the Vienna Sausages that he’s able to purchase for a mere forty three cent contain less cholesterol than the ones that cost a few cents more.

The 99 Cent Only Stores also receive patronage from John since he can purchase value priced salads and vegetables and cartons of eggs as well as certain meats at a bargain. Dollar Tree is another store that sees John’s business since they offer bargains on household items such as coffee and laundry detergent and soap and dish washing liquid.

Our thirty minute interview concluded  with John saying, “Being thrifty and making certain well planned sacrifices is how a senior that’s playing host to his or her adult child can successfully survive in today’s economy, and it’s also how they can do it without starving to death.”

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA —