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Good Riddance 2020

All we can honestly say is ‘Good Riddance 2020’ when we look back on the horrors of 2020 beginning with the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.

We saw George Floyd murdered on camera and scores of American citizens brutalized by law enforcement and nation wided riots and police gunned down in the streets and police dragging Christians and Jews out of their houses of worship and businesses and restaurants and martial arts schools close forever, and suicide and addition rates and domestic violence and child abuse cases sky rocket, so what can we say about 2020 that case erase these horrors?

Absolutely nothing!

However, we can say never again.                                    

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


The Horror Social Reset

The Horror Social Reset has been made possible since most people are at home due to governmental restrictions.

So what is The Horror Social Reset?

The Horror Social Reset is the period which allows us adults to educate the children about what horror moves meant to us in the past. For example we would not watch a movie without ‘Jiffy Pop’ and ‘Hot Chocolate’ and ‘Red Vines’ and ‘Bon Bons.’

We would also gather around with our siblings and cousins and our neighborhood friends and classmates while exchanging camp fire stories before watching the movie of choice. The Horror Social Reset will allow us to introduce the younger generations to our ‘Horror Movie Rituals’ since our rituals make us a cohesive American society.

The Horror Social Reset will allow us to introduce our children to Vincent Price and to horror classics like Carrie and The Omen.

The Covid 19 Lockdown should be used to strnghten our human bonds and to pass our knowledge and our traditions to the next generation less we become preoccupied with Covid 19 fears and damage our minds and our society in the process.                                    

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


I would like to wish the children and their parents and everyone else who celebrates Halloween a Happy, Happy Halloween due to everything that we as a human family have been through this year. And while I don’t personally celebrate Halloween since I’m Jewish I do enjoy horror movies and want to encourage the adults to introduce their kids to the following classics since the kids in Southern California will be homebound.

My recommendations are below.

Cujo, Phantasm, Birds, Fright Night, The Exorcist, The Fog, Pan’s Labrynth, Re-animator, and Black Christmas 1974.

You might also want to show your kids Slime and The Boy and The Boy 2 and Black Christmas 2019 and Darkness Falls and The Thing since these are movies that they might enjoy since they cannot go outside and collect candy while wearing their favorite costume.                                  

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

Are There Two Americas?

Believe it or not there are millions and millions of Americans whose families go all the way back to the Original 13 Colonies who are still living like they did during the 1960s and the 1970s and 1980s, which is to say that they have never changed their routines in the slightest bit despite the change in centuries.

These individuals are both black and white and male and female, and they enjoy the simplicity of the 60s 70s and 80s, and do not engage in 21st Century themes or activities since they spend their time talking about and watching Tuffy Truesdell and Victor The Bear and avoid all post 1960 and 1970 and 1980 shows and movies and music and literature etc.

These Americans have jobs in the modern world, however, they are still living in the 60s 70s and 80s since they only talk about the Soviet Union and Walter Mondale and Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter and Pat Brown and Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon and AMC verse3s GMC and Alvira Mistress of The Dark and The Twilight Zone and Pinky and The Brain. And Hawaii Five O and Magnum P.I. and Fantasy Island and Barnaby Jones etc.

These same Americans love to watch Welcome Back Carter and Adam 12 and Miami Vice and Big Valley and Bonanza and Pippy Long Stockings and Chinese Connection and Giant Robot and The Exorcist and I Love Lucy and Speed Racer, and could care less about 21st Century politics since they love their little slic of heaven, which also includes reading Moon Knight magazines and The Turner Diary, and enjoying friend fish on Fridays.

The other America that you’ve been reading about is growing by the day due to Covid 19 Lockdown.

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman

Farewell Mr. Boseman.

May El Shaddai comfort you family and your friends and your fans until you all meet again in the place of peace and love.                                           

 Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

The Month Of Mourning

As a journalist I wish to inform you that millions of Americans and others have been observing the month of July as ‘The Month of Mourning’ as a way to honor all of the people who have committed suicide during the Covid 19 Shutdown that some have taken to calling ‘Operation Covid 19.’

Since I am also observing ‘The Month of Mourning’ I have not written a lengthy news article for July 2020.

Each July going forward will be known as ‘The Month of Mourning.’                           

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

The May 2020 Protests that followed the extra judicial killing of George Floyd allowed the world to see how law enforcement in America deals with those who choose to exercise their 1st Amendment right to protest.

I interviewed several law enforcement officers who did not want to go on the record and they said that there is no justification for declaring the protests ‘War Zones’ since the protesters were not firing AK47s or RPGs into rows of law enforcement officers and since the protesters are not members of ISIS or Al Qaeda.

The law enforcement officers further stated that had they been facing ISIS or Al Qaeda instead of American citizens then they would have sustained at least 10,000 casualties since America would have become Iraq. These same law enforcement said their colleagues should not have used tear gas or flash bangs or rubber bullets since several people lost their eyes and suffered other permanent injuries.

I was also told that rubber bullets are supposed to be fired at the grown and several feet away from the nearest bystander and that the police turned our country into Nazi Germany, so where do we go from hear since President Trump went to the scene of ‘Black Wall Street?’

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –


While ‘The Covid 19 Shutdown’ has been going on I have had the opportunity to interview a number of Americans who described themselves as ‘Covid 19 Book Collectors’ and when I inquired further I was told that a ‘Covid 19 Book Collector’ is a ‘Covid 19 Pandemic Book Collector and a 21st Century Historian’ who is only interested in books that were published from 12/01/2019 and before 03/23/2020.

And when I asked why this period is significant Betty L. who’s a 46 year old white school teacher said 12/1/2019 shows us our literary state before Covid 19 or the Corona Virus was announced on 12/1/2019. Betty further added that books that were published before 03/23/2020 will reflect our change in literary state if they mention Covid 19 or the Corona Virus that eventually became a Global Pandemic.

Alexander who’s a 56 year old white computer programmer shared Betty’s definition and added that even if the book does not specifically reference Covid 19, but includes a date such as 01/23/2020 and references an actual event that took place in January 2020 and was published before 03/23/2020 then it is also a ‘2019 and 2020 Covid 19 Book.’

Maria who’s a 23 year old Hispanic customer service representative said a ‘2019 and 2020 Covid 19 Book’ is also an educational book that was published between 12/1/2019 and 03/22/2020. Maria as mentioned religious books and a book called ‘The Wolfe Social Reconstruction Model Progressive Handbook For Upward Change’ by Rabbi Carmichael Wolfe and self-help books with a Covid 19 theme.

Jeremiah who’s a 35 year old African American construction worker mentioned extraterrestrial themed books that are published after 03/23/2020 and during the entire Covid 19 Pandemic. Jeremiah also agreed with the 12/1/2019 to 03/22/2020 time period, but also felt that all science fiction books that mention Covid 19 or a period before Covid 19 that were published on 03/23/2020 and after 03/23/2020 are also ‘2019 and 2020 Covid 19 Books’ since they show our literary state during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Louise who’s a 55 year old Chinese American agreed with Jeremiah and said all published books from China and from America and from the rest of the world that were published on 12/1/2019 and after are ‘2019 and 2020 Covid 19 Books’ since they show our global literary state.

I interviewed a total of 25 book collectors and the overall consensus was American books that were published from 12/1/2019 and until the end of ‘The U.S. Covid 19 Shutdown’ are ‘2019 and 2020 Covid 19 Books’ and should be collected and cherished.

The group that I interviewed is called ‘The Covid 19 Book Club.’                        

Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

I had a chance to interview a number of consumers and recently unemployed workers concerning The New 2020 and 2021 Economy and this is what they said.

Ted male white aged 24:

Going forward I will no longer spend money the way that I used to since our jobs were taken away without warning, and although I’m still working I realize that many African Americans lost their jobs overnight and have to rely on the food banks since they did not have any savings since their rent was too high to save anything for a rainy day, and this is why I am buying groceries for my black neighbors instead of eating take out. I plan to save my money just in case I lose my job in the future.

Margarita female Hispanic aged 33:

I saw an older Jewish man from West Africa and he was buying shoes in January 2020 and when I heard him talking to Jose while Jose was ringing up his purchase I learned from their conversation that the West African Jew was married to an East African Jew and that they buy 2 pairs of tennis shoes and 2 pairs of dress shoes every 5 years, and I said you know what I’m going to do that instead of buying a new pair of shoes every month. So when the new economy opens up I am going to save my money once I get another job.

Jason African American male aged 45:

I grew up eating Mexican food and Chinese food and cheeseburgers 5 days a week, however, due to the Covid 19 quarantine I am not going to eat out anymore since 16% of African Americans are dying from Covid 19, which means that I will be exposing myself to danger if I continue to support the economy. I will cook my own food from now on.

Donald Asian male aged 19:

I don’t know what the governors are going to do in terms of the new economy, but I am not going to live football games anymore since a lot of Asians are dying from Covid 19 in America. I’m also going to skip the move theaters since the daily press conferences have shattered my confidence forever and this is why I am no longer interested in joining the army.

Angelina African American female aged 55:

I am looking forward to being able to atte4nd church again, and look forward to the bake sales and the fish fries and Easter breakfast. I’m not going to Denny’s anymore since I don’t believe a waitress in a mask won’t get me infected. I’m not afraid of my church family since I studied microbiology and know how our immune systems are formed.

Jefferson African American male aged 36:

I plan to do all of the same things that I did before.

As you can see no one has the same plan for The New 2020 and 2021 Economy, so I’m not sure what the United States will look like in the future since a lot of businesses also closed down and never came back during the AIDS scare that colored the 1980s and that caused waiters and waitresses to serve food while they were wearing masks and gloves.                                       

 Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –

On 03/24/2020 President Donald J. Trump declared during a nationally televised press conference that he would like to re-open America for business during the Corona Virus or Covid 19 Pandemic by Easter 2020.

President Trump’s statement was followed by a statement from Mayor Garcetti of Los Angeles California, who stated that Los Angeles will not be open by then, so are we witnessing a modern day post-Civil War rebellion by a Democratic mayor in a Blue State?

This is the quintessential question of our time since President Abraham Lincoln had also experienced a local challenge to his Presidential authority before and after the Civil War.

As an Historian and a 21st Century Journalist I am interested in seeing how President Trump will handle this particular post-Impeachment and post-Civil War challenge to his Presidential authority to re-open America for business.

President John Hanson and President Lincoln and President Wilson also faced domestic opposition during their Presidencies and demonstrated their supreme leadership in the face of adversity, so what will President Donald John Trump do in 2020 since we are witnessing a legacy defining moment, which reises above political parties since the President either has the authority to govern the entire Continental United States of America or he doesn’t.

Will President Trump take control of the Army National Guard and use them to re-open Los Angeles and the rest of the country since this is what past Presidents like Hanson and Lincoln and Wilson would have done?

Will we witness history in our life times during the Covid 19 Quarantine?

Will we have something to tell our grandchildren about?

Will the unified press cover this angle of the American experience with Covid 19?                       

 Nathaniel Armstrong, Jr.

Cerritos, CA –